First Time

 So here is the second sixty word story in two days. I had so much fun that I have continued the young couples story. In this short we find out their names along with an experience many find daunting. This triggered off an idea which I hope to play with next week. 
Due to the hectic phase that we call Christmas I have postponed prompt writing next week and instead will choose to post a sixty word story every day of the week. This will be from Monday to Friday that will tell the tale of the characters first introduced in First Dance. I hope you enjoy their story. 

The stories inspired by prompts will be back before you know it so please continue to submit your own. Please look out for Supplementary Sunday post this week which will give an update on the blog along with my WIP and other little segments.

Enough waffling on my side, here is the story.

                                        First Time

Goose pimples ran over their skin as their heartbeats quickened. Nerves took hold of Sam, his hand shaking as he failed to unclip Jennifer’s bra. She smiled, pushed him against the crisp clean sheets and kissed him. Her fingers trembled as they traced down his stomach and caressed the hem of his boxers before sliding in for the first time.


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