Shattered: A short, short story


This is the first short story I gave myself a five to ten minute time limit with and thought I would share with everyone the result. This was completely unplanned. I had adrenaline from my WIP and this story just clicked in my head when sleep refused to come.

Hopefully the week will return to normal and I will start posting Haikus and planned short stories.


Stelsa wore a dress befitting her mood.

It was a long red ball gown with very little detail, flowing past her ankles and brushing against the floor. She held the dagger with a firm grip close to her side. She had murder on her mind and tonight would be the night.

Jepp would be alone for the evening, no doubt sleeping off the latest of hangovers. It was a common theme since he had his magic removed by the court. A lapse in concentration the court had deemed it, but Stelsa knew they had swept the information under the mat. He was their golden child but a death of another would have consequences. He got away with the lightest of all sentences. The court were fools.

He was with the whore that night, like every night before that. He had been taking her over the bench, her little blue panties around her ankles, her dress hitched up and his body thrusting hard behind her resulting in screams of passion.

Stelsa knew this as she had been watching in the distance, heart shattered and tears running down her cheeks. She watched it all to the very end, as the two climaxed together and their bodies pressed against each other in exhaustion. He had always been a useless lover with her, what made this young whore he had been seeing different? 

Then the boy appeared, running absent mindedly along the grass pretending he was a horse. The noise had startled Jepp. He turned and reacted with a strike of magic that hit the kid in the head killing him instantly. Stelsa had muffled a scream in her sleeve, but Jepp and the whore reacted in panic. It would be a memory that Stelsa could never leave behind. Until that night.

She stood at the foot of the ballroom, remembering the first time she and Jepp shared a dance, their first kiss and their first conversation. It was her favourite memory and it was only fitting for it all to end there.

Stelsa plunged the dagger deep into her own chest, piercing the heart and feeling the magic drain from her soul. Her lifeless body slumped hard against the floor shattering in many different pieces, her heart amongst it. That was the way with magicians.

The last memory of her and Jepp danced slowly in the ballroom as the music for lovers played in the background.


11 thoughts on “Shattered: A short, short story

  1. What a beautiful piece. The ending is tragic, and unexpected. Your descriptions are full of life and the imagery is vivid. Even in a few words, you were able to create sympathy for Stelsa’s plight, making her end a heart wrenching twist! Thank you for sharing this. 🙂

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  2. I read this story a few hours ago and have not been able to stop thinking about it. I’ve been trying to come up with words that would do this short tale justice but am lacking. You painted a vibrant, hauntingly tragic scene filled with heart-rending, emotional depth. I don’t know how you do it using so few words. I honestly marvel at your abilities. Well done.

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  3. I wasn’t expecting that ending. I had thought she was going to kill him or the girl and frame him for it or something. Not kill herself. I’m only wondering what her plan was with doing that. To frame him for her own suicide? Or to cause a pains she hopes he has with her death while providing him the freedom to whore around without hiding his indiscretions any longer?

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    1. Thank you for reading my story. When I first started writing it I thought she would murder both of them. As I continued the story took on a life of itself and the character turned. I had wondered what would be next.


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