Haiku Challenge

 I had not heard of a Haiku poem until earlier this year. Since then I have learnt much more about it, especially from my friend and colleague Paul Tingey (@paultingey on Twitter you can find his own Haiku poems).

I learnt that they do not have to rhyme, they have a select amount of syllables (usually 5,7,5) and more often or not, nature based.

My friend finds Haiku challenging. He enjoys writing many strange and bizarre ones, about hedgehogs and furry animals, and such like. To try my hand at a new creative outlet was an opportunity hard to pass up so I decided once a week I will try and complete my own one. So below you will find my first ever try at writing a haiku! 

The oncoming strike

Ice, snow and fire, 

Together to rule as one

Life changed forever 


6 thoughts on “Haiku Challenge

    1. This Haiku took some thinking and I have always stayed away from writing poetry in the past as probably the similar reason to you. It was a spur of the moment thing hahahaha.
      Thank you very much. I took on the challenge and thought of it as writing a prompt.
      You never know, you may be amazing at it 🙂

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