Type or write?


I own a lot of stationery, and I mean, a lot.
My spare room is cluttered with notebooks all shapes and sizes, many unused, and pens and pencils and other lovely stationery are scattered around my house, hidden or chewed by the faithful Halloween cat. I am stopped, or, I have to stop myself from buying anymore as I have plenty that are covered in dust.

I aspire to write a bestselling novel in an A4 narrow ruled pad, a short story on A5 paper or a screenplay in a sketch pad. I fail to do this at the first hurdle and revert back to the comfortable computer, tablet or writing app on my phone. These all have things that writing by hand does not.

First, the obvious. It is by far a neater and quicker experience. I could thrash out three thousand words in a couple of hours or less with modern technology where by hand it could take several hours. The second it highlights spelling errors and grammatical flaws. They also have the option of a synonym for words.

However, technology has it’s downfalls. What if I forgot to click save and lost all my hard work? What if I deleted something by accident? What if all power dies around the world and I am never to see my hard work again(some of it I wouldn’t mind losing). It also offers up distractions – Google, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, scandalous material, news articles, blogging pages and many more sites that are used and abused as distractions and procrastinating tools.

I want to write by hand as I feel I would learn much more from it. I would need to use my mind more for coming up with an alternative word or phrase, help me with my grammar and spelling(my spelling is pretty good but my grammar is atrocious) and my hand writing may even improve from it! I would also save the ear ache from having way too much stationery in the house. Instead I would have soon to be best selling stories, award winning short stories or golden globe worthy screenplays covering dust and using up valuable space. Or at the very least, bonfire material.

So next year I will aim to write several short stories in handwritten form followed by a Novella later in the year. Sometimes it’s better to start small.

Do you prefer pen, pencil and paper or even quill? Or do you type? I would love to hear your writing preferences and views so please get in touch.


3 thoughts on “Type or write?

  1. I do both, but prominently use the laptop. I like the easy deletion of anything I don’t like, or that I need to cut and paste. However, if I’m in a rut I always go back to the trusty notebooks. I too have many many many! It’s an obsession, but I love it.

    Writing by hand is liberating, and sometimes ideas just flow easier, like the action of typing stunts that flow somehow. Well, it is for me anyhow. I don’t plan, so sometimes I need to reassess the narrative andf I always do that on paper.

    I have only one back-up and that’s on a USB stick, so I think I might start saving my work to disc too. It’s always better to be safe than sorry I suppose. I’m probably going to wake up in a cold sweat tonight, dreaming about losing my WIP- Ahhh!

    I LOVE the idea of a quill though 😉 I have a Harry Potter notebook (school crest on the front… of course). A quill might be the only way forward haha.

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    1. I do enjoy writing by hand and you’re right it can be very liberating. I just get frustrated with editing it and always revert back to the easier option.
      I always email myself a copy at the end of a writing session so I know I can have that as a back up. I use a USB stick but I get really paranoid at the thought of things getting lost.
      Oh dear, try not to wake up in a cold sweat – I have now an image of you sitting bolt upright and screaming the house down screaming NOOO damn you USB!
      Oh I love the sound of your Harry Potter notebook! I need to get myself one of those. Never used a quill but if we plan it just right then we can get the world following – but we are pansters after all so the planning may not go too well 😉

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