Present…The Cube Revisited

NOTE: This post refers to a previous story posted entitled The Cube. It is advised if you have not read this please check out A short, short story from the 25th October.

Whilst working on my story for NaNo and other short stories, my mind wandered to the subject of The Cube. In a brief conversation with a fellow writer, it was discussed about the origin of it and other open ended questions that were left.

So below I have included an extension that came to me in the early hours.

Present…The Cube revisited

J S Stokes exited the limousine at the foot of the woodlands as a fine rain began to spit down. He strode through the overgrown shrubbery, batting away the wayward branches with one hand and protecting his face with the other. In the distance he could see the shelter, alone and defunct, lit only by flames emitting from the structure.
As Stokes approached it, he removed his small leather gloves from his suit jacket and slipped them on. He entered the shelter with a purpose. He took a moment to notice the corpse in the corner of the room that was keeping the room alight. It had been burning for awhile, the stench sickening but the flames remained lively. Stokes withdrew a silicone nose clip from his pocket and placed them on. It wasn’t ideal but they would suffice.
The cube was sat at the back of the shelter, just where Stokes had left it. The plan had been carried out successfully, so all there was to do was to pick up the cube in his gloved hands, place it under his arm and exit the building.
A few days later, J S Stokes walked into the law firm of Bates, Roberts and Smith, ascended stairs of the five storey building, reached the top floor and placed a cardboard box in gift wrap on the desk of Jane Jones, secretary to Dave Roberts. The blinds in the office occupied by the lawyer were drawn so Stokes knew the secretary was engaged in adulterous activity. Stokes placed a gift card on top of the box and left without a trace of ever being there.


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