Escape or perish: A short story … Part one


Note: The story provided contains references to sexual relations. Close your eyes now if this puts you off!

Well I have completed another short story. This one is going to be slightly different to the rest as the one posted here is part one of three.

Over a month ago, me and Brianna da Silva (find her on Twitter @brianna_daSilva) had a conversation where it was suggested she came up with the first line for me and to which I came up with a short story. She delivered, but gave the option of three. I was thinking about each line and came up with a story idea for one of them. Halfway through the thought process it clicked; I’d write a three parter using each first line and link them all together.

This coincided with Nano but I would not be deterred! I would write the first one over the Halloween weekend and I succeeded. So below you will find the finished story, it’s harder around the edges compared to my previous works and the writing style may be a little gritty. The next two parts will follow shortly.

As always feedback is welcome.

If you wish to provide me with the first line of a story and I then complete it, please get in touch! I would love to hear from you and your ideas.

Escape or perish

I eased open the door, my heart pounding, and grimaced when the hinges creaked.
I thought that was it then. The end of my life, the fate that was known as my death, there and then, in the lair of my enemy. The dark, dank bowels of the palace were going to be where it all ended.
“You leaving like that?” a mouse like whisper echoed around the unadorned room.
I looked down. In the midst of the panic, I failed to dress myself fully. My top half was covered with a tattered white cotton shirt that hung loosely over my thin frame but my lower extremities were naked, with the exception of my feet that wore steel toe capped boots.
I turned to face the mouse in the room. She was standing, arms up, naked, as she pulled on her chiffon dress. I couldn’t help but admire the pertness of her breasts whilst she attempted to cover herself up. She slipped into the fabric and flattened her black dress with the palms of her hands and glared at me.
“Get dressed. Now!”
Lizzie, the beautiful, mouse like creature, the bane and splendour of my life, picked up my trousers and threw them hard. I flinched as they hurtled towards me but I managed to catch them with both hands and cradled them in my chest. I needed to slide them on with haste, trying to make as little noise as possible. I quickly got over the hurdle that were my boots, pulled the brown cotton trousers up and tightened the belt.
A flash of light emitted from the gap in the doorway. I was a fool for not closing the door when Lizzie called me. I heard the sound of feet march past the room and I held my breath. The group were talking but too low to decipher. A few seconds later the sound of movement faded. I sighed in relief, turning to face Lizzie and realising she did the same.
“You best go,” Lizzie whispered as she pointed to the door.
She was right; she always would be. There was no time for goodbyes. I peered around the door and saw nothing but the stone walls of the hallway and flickers of light emitting from the lanterns that were spread throughout. The route was clear; all I had to do was make the commitment of walking out.
I made the decision then to duck out of the door without a glance behind; I kept close to the wall and made my way for the exit. I had been to the palace many times before but this was the first time we chose the basement as our rendezvous. It was usually the maid’s bedroom, the butler’s bathroom or the visitors lounge. That night was the first time we went for the dark and damp cell, with only the walls being our support, her body pressed against mine as her hands gripped the concrete walls tight.
I shook off the reverie as I reached the end of the hallway and stopped dead. The stairs were not leading up as I first imagined, but instead, they spiralled downwards into the unknown. I had assumed there would be no lower level to access but I had been proven wrong. I was unfamiliar with the layout of the underground but could have sworn I had headed in the right direction.
A sickening scream sounded from the darkness below. I could not distinguish if it was male or female, just that it was a sound of suffering. Then silence. I waited, patiently, for a second or third scream. There was nothing.
I turned, not risking the horrors from below and headed back. I cursed myself for the lack of memory as I headed past the cell door from where I came and towards the sound of movement. The further I distanced myself from the cell the sound of marching increased. Heavy footsteps, in unison, hit hard against the ground.
I slowed, wary of the noise, the unfamiliarity of the walls and the dangers that lay ahead. I kept close to the side, the rough stone digging in through my clothes, the cool air a relief against my skin.
I stopped as I heard something behind me. It was a strange noise, a scratching sound, one that gave me goose bumps. Then I felt it; the feeling that I was being watched. I dared not to turn at first, the risk was too great, but deep down knowing I could be taken unaware if I didn’t face the potential horror. The sound soon changed as I heard low grunts and moans. I moved one foot to the left, kicking dust as I did and proceeded to turn. My heart pounded hard against my chest with the anticipation of whom or what was behind me. I could feel a bead of sweat forming on my brow and resisted the urge to brush it away. It rolled down my cheek and hit the corner of my lips, the taste of salt lingering there. As I completed my turn I stopped and stood dumbfounded.
It was me! It was Lizzie!
Her smooth silky legs wrapped around my waist, her dress hitched up, my trousers hanging around my ankles as I was thrusting deep inside her against the stone wall. Lizzie had her teeth dug into my shoulder muffling her screams and my moans were muted as my mouth rested against her neck. I realised it was a glance back to our earlier activities. A voice from behind snapped me out of the daydream.
“Just so you know, that I know.”
I heard the sound of fingers clicking behind me and the vision faded into nothingness and all that was left were the stone walls. I turned around but already knew who it was by the voice. I closed my eyes and sighed. I had been captured and would be rightfully punished.
“Bow before your King,” he demanded.
I felt a cold steel sharp object poking into my neck. I opened my eyes to find the tip of the King’s sword digging into my neck.
“Bow, and then I will kill you! I will need no magic for that.”


2 thoughts on “Escape or perish: A short story … Part one

    1. Thank you for the feedback and glad you liked the writing style. I am trying to develop different techniques to better myself. I hope to have part two written in the next week to post. As always, your support is much appreciated 🙂

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