My mind and writing

Light in the dark

I decided to write this post because it nagged at me all day. A nagging feeling that told me to write a post, spurred on by the lovely sky of this morning!

For any writer, writing writing writing is the art of developing, learning from mistakes and getting to a platform that you are happy with. (I am way off becoming happy with my work, and like many, many others, will never be satisfied).

I am a useless sleeper, up the majority of the twenty four hours, working, reading, googling and also, writing. I decided to look into how much writing I did that was for my personal development and was shocked to find out it reached up to around an hour a day. That was not good enough!

I changed tact and looked at the areas where I can put more writing in. So I came up with this blog as an outlet for short stories and general nonsense (this being the latter, obviously). It is also prompts me to write. I feel the need to blog at least once a week, if I do not, I feel like I’m cheating myself. I am now writing up to three hours a day, either for this blog or working on stories.

Twitter is a site I am thankful for as I have made amazing contacts from the writing world who are super supportive and instead of being at war with each other, thrive to help each other with words of encouragement and advice. When tweeting, keeping words to a minimum gives you another style of writing to perfect.

I was then slightly pushed (pressured) into the November challenge of writing a 50,000 word novel in that month. I will thrive to reach that milestone and have set up means in doing so. The ever trusty pen and paper, the laptop, a writing app and anything else I can doodle on (if I fail, I’ll be bitterly disappointed with myself and crawl into a hole and never be heard of again)!

Read! Read! Read! Reading is another key to success. I now try reading a different genre each time I pick up a book to learn new and innovative styles and ways to develop my own knowledge. Reading writing blogs and news blogs keeps my mind working through the night.

When it comes to writing a short story, a full length novel or perhaps a screenplay, I must be 100% invested in my work. Many times I have started something but given up as I did not care for the world or characters. My mistake? Writing for the sake of it and to say I did something that day. I know now I need inspiration to write a story, but I have so many ideas I believe in, it’s finding the right one to choose at the time. To end this post, I will leave you with this final bit, but before I do, I want to wish everyone entering NaNO good luck. We all can do it with each others support!

Be honest with the words you write. Tell the story that needs to be told; a story, that no matter how much you push it away and make it wait in the wings due to procrastination, leave it on the sidelines to marinate or ignore it at night just to google instead, finally grabs you by the throat and demands to be written! It will be a story that drives you to the brink of insanity and beyond, but at the end of it, you come through in one piece, with work to be proud of! So grab that pen, pencil or writing device and write! Oh and have fun!


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