I would like to welcome you to my first blog.

I am new to this and need an outlet for some thoughts and general musings. For the first I would like to touch on a short subject…words. It is more of a rambling than anything else so please bear with me as I get to grips with the blogging world.

So here to open up the account is…


How many is a worthy amount to write a day? I guess that would depend on your lifestyle. I would love to say that I am able to tap away ferociously at the keyboard or scratch pen to paper and publish 5,000 words a day. I would love to say I Work 9-5 on my next big project or throughout the night where silence fills the air and the mind alights with a fire unmatched throughout the day. But these things are just aspirations in which I hop come true.

Today I managed 500 words on a short story that involves desires of the sick and mentally disturbed and where the villains meet their match. (Appropriate storylines and content shall be an upcoming blog). But why just 500?

Well, at least it is better than 499. I work 10 hours, have a house to look after, pets to feed, chores to complete and other lovely day to day activities that make us tick!

I do not have the luxury of free hours to hone my craft but do so in other ways. I read, I look at how the words make a sentence and to keep my ideas fresh I switch writing projects to remove the fear of becoming stagnant!

When it comes to words I say write as many as you can. Even if it is only 10, well that’s getting you closer than if you wrote 9! If you find words hard to come by, try changing tact. Try making notes, a short story or a script. Maybe even a blog ;)!

It is not all about writing but taking in the written word by reading or the spoken word. I do enjoy listening to articulate people and how they form sentences together. You can learn a lot from being the listener rather than the talker.

There is many ways to use your lifestyle to your advantage and then work it in to your writing time. I hope you managed to reach the end and I promise that each blog will get better with time.

Any subject suggestions please let me know 🙂

Good luck fellow writers!


3 thoughts on “Words

  1. I like the way you think. I am also a newbie here and I have my own way of writing if I may suggest.

    10 to 13 hours a day I spend working and on my daily chores. What I do to squeeze out time for writing is pretty simple. Half an hour or One just after getting up and twice or thrice that before going to bed. (In the bed, actually). This makes writing a good sport to let out all the troubles of the day and pour out new words when the brain is as fresh as an infant.

    Squeezing it into my schedule is easy enough and it works well.

    I like your stories and am following your blog.
    Keep up the good work!

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  2. Wow. I didn’t know this blog was so new.

    God I think I’ve had a blog in some way or another since I was 18. Lol. I had xanga for like 10 years before that shut it down. Lol. And this one for about 3.

    Writing is one of those things I love and I know is good for me but that I don’t dedicate enough time to.


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