Shattered & Broken – A haiku tale

Good morning.

I hope you all are well. Inspiration struck this morning and a tale was written.

Have a great day all.

Shattered & Broken – A haiku tale

In the midst of night, 
light falls across the water,
tainted and impure.

A horror unknown,
sanguineous and bitter,
the harsh waves rolled in. 

Leaving a little,
the sea barked at the motion,
the shadows that lurked.

As the sun appeared,
the true nature of the night,
was ever present. 

Shattered and broken,
washed up for the world to see,
lives changed forever.


A New Dawn – A Siblings Sequel teaser Haiku

A haiku of sorts, as the mind for the sequel, runs rampant and free.

Hope you enjoy this little teaser for my upcoming Siblings tale.


The landscape has changed,
teetering on extinction,
sides must be chosen.

As the dust settles,
pain and anguish will remain,
life never the same.

Black and white tainted,
as a new hero rises,
enemies will fall.

An invitation & Writing – I am back

I am back…

I have been silent for far too long, neglecting this blog and leaving it to be covered in dust. But I say no more. So I am looking to come back with a bang.

An invitation

I am a fan of podcasts, blogs, interviews, promoting those with something to say, be it writers, artists, thinkers, talkers, sports people and the list goes on and on. The thing I like about those avenues is the ability to listen and read stories about people you don’t always get chance to know about.

This is where I need you fine folks. I am looking to kickstart this beast of a blog site back into action and have guests from all walks of life to answer questions, maybe have a little fun and shine the focus on them.

If you’re interested and want to be a guest, twitter at me on tweeter @nobodyetall or just send me a DM on there. You can also leave a comment on here and I will get back to you.

If you have something to say, promote or generally want to have random questions thrown at you please let me know.

I already have a few amazing guests signed up and can’t wait to have them on here.


I will also start to update you on how my writing is progressing. The last year has been slow but I have finally put my thinking cap on and the words have started for my second novel. It is still in the infancy stage but can’t wait to progress with it and see how it blossoms.

Thanks for reading and hope to hear from you soon.

Blog & Stories Update

Good morning all.

I hope all is well on this lovely Pancake Day! 

I thought as it has been awhile I would give an update on things.


I had knee surgery at the beginning of the year and the recovery time has been a lot longer than first anticipated. In this time there has been a lot of pain but I have been helped through it with loved ones and the urge to read and write. As this has been most of my time I have taken the weekends off to rest and allow the characters to do the same. My writing has been restricted to an hour here and there due to uncomfortable circumstances.


The Siblings Two – The characters are in place, there is a story to tell and a little has been written. I am hoping to get this done by the summer but we shall have to wait and see. Jest and Fer will continue to tell their tale.

Untitled Horror – In the first couple of weeks after my surgery a first line of a story popped into my head. I didn’t know where it would lead. So after making my breakfast, I sat down with the laptop and wrote a thousand words. I was hooked on telling the tale of these characters all going to a workshop where horror would await them. One month later I am bordering on 50,000 words written. The words have been flowing. I am not too sure what will happen with the story once complete but it has been fun. 

Gothic Horror – Another idea struck me which I have been toying with and that is one of a gothic nature. I don’t know where this will lead. All will be revealed at a later date.

I hope I will bring more news on everything in the future with excerpts of each story. There will also be a post on the stories I have read and random shows I have watched over the last few weeks.

Hope everyone has a great day.

Embrace – Haiku Tale

Hello all. 

I have returned to my blogging roots as I was inspired and wanted to share.

It is a short haiku tale. I hope you all enjoy and I look forward to getting back blogging in the near future. 


Eyes bright and sparkly,
lips smiling and enticing,
warm and welcoming.

Soft touch warm embrace,
skin smooth amd tantalising,
resisting no more.

Tears – A short, short story

Good morning all. I hope everyone is well.

Here is a short story where the idea hit me all of a sudden and needed to make note of it. I felt it perfect for my blog and I hope you enjoy.


One hand dabbed at her pale cheek, wiping away a flow of tears, as the other held her phone tight. The woman straightened up, tall and proud and combed fingers through her short dark green hair in an attempt to compose herself. Despite her solemn look, she was a beautiful creature, her lips dark with red lipstick, cheeks blushed with a little colour and her stance stoic, but deep within, that no one could see, she was crumbling. There was little to do to comfort her.

Placing her phone into her pocket and a final wipe of the cheek to remove any stray tears, she smiled, turned and headed towards the shop she would tender, keeping her heartache secret.